10 Reasons To Visit Singapore Today
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As a hub of modern and contemporary as well as traditional arts and culture, Singapore has risen to become one of the world’s top tourist destinations – hosting millions of visitors from all corners of the world every year. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this stunning island city-state is how fast paced modern, better and fresher changes keep happening. Singaporeans have a way of keeping up with the rest of the developed world.  If they are not doing that, they are out doing pretty much every other nation in terms of science, architecture, fashion, arts and culture. If you haven’t set foot here in the last couple or so years, you will be blown away by what the city has become. Anyway, check out this list highlighting 10 reasons to visit Singapore today.


Green and Clean City

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For starters, Singapore is regarded as the greenest and cleanest city in the world by many reputable organisations – thanks to the implementation of decades’ old government program. Given that more than 5 percent of the island is reserved purely for nature, the city is a breath of fresh air. 



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You cannot appreciate Singapore’s futuristic architecture enough. From towering skyscrapers dominating its skyline to impressive bridges and magnificent domes, Singapore has it all. Marina Bay Sands, Interlace, Benjamin Sheares Bridge and tower 15 are the highlights of Singapore.



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With a plethora of fine dining restaurants, diners and street food joints, this is a foodie’s haven. Fancy restaurants such as; Iggy’s at the Hilton Hotel, The Tippling Club and Burnt Ends offer fine dining experiences like none other.  It is also surprising how tasty and well-prepared the street foods are. You can find anything ranging from fresh seafood to barbeque and all sorts of salads here at very affordable prices.




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This shopper’s paradise streets are graced by boutiques from some of the biggest names in fashion and accessories like Luis Vuitton and Gucci. It also boasts an array of malls with affordable designer boutiques. There are also a bunch of Flea markets like the Market of Artists and Designers selling beautiful artefacts and other souvenirs.




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Dotted with world class casinos and sport-betting clubs, it has become a gambler’s paradise. It is regarded as Asia’s Las Vegas. If you are feeling lucky and happen to have some money to spend, then this is the place for you. Joints like the Singapore Turf Club and marina Bay Sands Casino are very popular with gamblers.




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Even the budget hotels in Singapore offer top notch service with stunning views of the landscape, marina or magnificent skyscrapers – this is what makes it so special. Hotels like Marina Bay Sands, Park Hotel Clarke Quay and Shangri-La Hotel are popular with luxury tourists; while Santa Grand Hotel Bugis and Hotel 81 Dickson, with budget tourists.




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Whether it is the arts, food or fashion festival, there’s something fun always going down in Singapore. With functions like Singapore Art Week, Dragon Boat Festival and Singapore Food Festival, you can’t get bored here. More on these events has been described in the next section.




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Singapore is ideal for families with kids, singles, and both young and mature couples. Having fun in the city is hassle free and affordable. The Singapore Flyer is very popular with families. The observation wheel offers breathtaking panoramic views of the island.



Accessibility and Getting Around

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Having one of the best and most efficient public transportation systems in the world does come with its perks. Moving around in Singapore has never been easier than it is today. MRT, LRT and buses will get you anywhere on the island in no time.




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Singapore is known for having the world’s only Formula 1, night race making it one of the world’s most popular Grand Prix hosts. It doesn’t stop there; the giant Singapore Sports Hub hosted the 2015 ASEAN Games as well as other international sporting events.


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