2rist App Christmas Promo 2016
Must Buy (必买) - English

Done all your shopping this Christmas?

Be sure to check out these awesome Christmas deals available on 2rist App!


Travel App G


                        20% Discount Deals


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Travel App A Travel App B

Travel App C


                            Special Deals


Travel App D 

$19.95 for 2 x Final Destination


Travel App E

$19.90 for a set of 6x75ml bottled Bird's Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar 

$19.90 for a can of 10H abalone 80G Offer


Travel App F

$39 for 1 x Biconi Hair Revitalizing Shampoo Bars

$105.30 for 3 x Biconi Hair Revitalizing Shampoo Bars

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2rist App Christmas Promo
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