5 Must Dos At Yong Siak Street
Must Go (必逛) - English

Shop for Books & Unique Gifts @ Books Actually

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Visit Books Actually for a wide selection of books featuring local artists and writers. Don’t miss the gift section while you’re at it. Tucked away behind the counters, enter a quaint room filled with unique Singapore wares and travel back in time.


Sneak a peek into the lives of Yong Siak’s residents

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Take a stroll through the charming neighbourhood and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some of the nostalgic elements it retains. Like this shoe repair unit here.


Be a kid all over again at the neighbourhood playground

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Bet you don’t see playground like these back at home. Here you see a modern version of the neighbourhood playgrounds Singaporean grew up playing at. “Crocodile” was probably the game at playgrounds back in the 1990s.

Have a little fun here, we wouldn’t judge ;)


Rent a bicycle and explore the vicinity on wheels 

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These vintage looking bicycles are available for hire by the hour at Plain Vanilla Bakery. Tour the area in style and snap a few Instagram-worthy shots while you’re at it.


Recharge over coffee

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You’ll find yourself spoilt for choices when it comes to good coffee at Yong Siak Street as it is lined with cafes at just about every corner. To name a few, there’s Open Door Policy, Flock Café and Poteato.

We had ours at Forty Hands!

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