5 Romantic Getaways in Taiwan
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Looking to spend Valentine’s Day abroad? Taiwan is a great place for you to bring your other half with you during this romantic holiday! Let us give you some ideas to swoon about.


Take your Lover to the Lover’s Bridge

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If you fancy some quiet time, you’ll definitely enjoy this place where you’ll be able to stroll hand in hand as you watch the beautiful sunset against the magnificent backdrop. Make a reservation or walk into any of the restaurants to have some dinner when the tummy feels hungry. This is a perfect place as you will also get to shop. Stay on after the sun sets to catch the Lover's Bridge of Tamsui illuminates in bold colours as it gets dark. You can choose to stay here as there are hotels nearby if the idea of heading back to Taipei city is a hassle to you. The most convenient way for you to get here will be by boat as you get to avoid all traffic jams when you travel.


Kiss before the sunrise at Sun Moon Lake

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Marvel at the switching colours of the sky from the balcony of your homestay for this one. Soak in the sounds of nature as you breathe in deep the cold crisp air with the view of Taiwan’s biggest lake. Take a stroll as you admire the emerald green waters and the mountainous hills. Don’t forget to sip a cup of hot coffee as you take it the beauty of this place!


Wine and dine at the Taipei 101 Observatory

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Take the elevator to the highest point in the building. At 86th storey high, the Taipei 101 is one of the world's tallest buildings! Here you'll find restaurants where you can tuck into fine cuisine and at the same time get a marvellous view of the city!


Soak in the hot steamy springs at Wulai

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Sure to give you smooth and silky skin, it's always great to soak in the odourless springs where you get private time and space. Wulai has one of the best natural hot springs where it’s picturesque beyond your imagination. Imagine soaking in a hot tub with your loved one and being able to enjoy the scenic sights after. You’ll find waterfalls, gorgeous rivers and also dense green jungle. So, don’t forget to bring your trekking shoes for this one! You will also be able to find accommodation nearby and not worry about having to travel out!


Enjoy the night views from the Ferris wheel at Miramar

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Ride on this 95 meters high Ferris wheel as you enjoy the neon light shows after the sun sets. After you're done, take a laid back evening by catching a movie at the Miramar Entertainment Park's IMAX theatre. This is also a good spot to shop as the shopping mall is one of the largest in Taipei. Take it from us, your girlfriend will love you for taking her here. Just don't forget your credit cards!

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