5 Romantic Places in Vietnam
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Running out of ideas on where to go and what to

do on Valentine's Day? Planning a honeymoon but on a budget and don't want to burn a hole in your pocket especially after all that heavy expenses you've had to pay for during the wedding? Don't fret! Vietnam will save you (literally, save you, from a burning pocket)! Here are the top 5 Romantic Places in Vietnam that are worth visiting! 



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Less than an hour from Ho Chi Minh City by flight, you'll be able to admire the classic beauty of this city. This place is a haven for you honeymooners as you let the city charm you with its fresh cool crisp air and romantic atmosphere where streets are lined with trees and architecture breathes a hint of French colonial villas.


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Nestled in pine forests and rolling hills, you'll find bright hues of flowers growing in the city.


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Walk hand in hand along romantic lakes as you take in the sights of glittering waterfalls.


Elephant Waterfall

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Rainforest Pongour

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An overnight train from Hanoi followed by an hour of a bus ride from Lao Chải will take you to Sa Pa. In Sa Pa, you'll find excellent weather in a charming highland town! Located in the mountains, Sa Pa gets a good dose of fresh air all the time.


Hotel On A Hill At Sa Pa Cat Cat Village

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Take a trip in winter and if you're lucky, you'll get to experience a white town covered in snow!


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Bring your partner along on an early morning trekking experience as you let the cool dews of the morning brush against your skin.


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Snuggle in each other's comfort as you watch the sunrise above the horizon. A sight to behold for a lifetime! 



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Sick of the city and just want some quiet time on a romantic beach? Take your partner to this white sandy beach, with mountains that surround it sparkle in the afternoon shine.


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Have a candlelight dinner on the beach as you savour the best seafood you can find. This place isn't short of high-quality resorts for you to pick!


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Bà Nà is located about 25km from Da Nang and sits 1487m above sea level. You'll be able to hold your gazes on the enchanting landscapes of forests and beautiful flowers all year round. Take your partner up on a cable car ride to the mountain peak as you experience the sights of majestic landscapes of the hills and winding rivers below you.

After the sun sets, you'll get to enjoy Da Nang City as you walk hand in hand along the Han River under the luminous glow of the street lights!


Castles On Bà Nà Hills

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A part of the district of Kiên Giang Province, Phú Quốc has plenty of natural landscapes with nice moderate weather that will greet you upon your arrival. Located in the Southern part of Vietnam, Phú Quốc prides itself with its beautiful beaches!


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The two most romantic beaches are Kem Beach and Sao Beach! For those of you planning to snap pre-wedding shots, consider heading to Hàm Ninh Wharf, a popular destination for photo taking. 


Kem Beach

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Sao Beach

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Hàm Ninh Wharf

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You'll definitely get to capture some beautiful memories here!


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