A Quick Guide to Little India
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A busy historic area east of the Singaporean River, Little India was once home to brick kilns, an English racecourse and herds of cattle! It was a place for Englishmen to mingle, meet and greet, back when Singapore was under British control. Today, it stands as one of Singapore’s most vibrant districts, filled with culture, nostalgia and bucolic ambience. If you visit Little India today, you will find it chock full of temples, mosques, South Indian restaurants and remnants of what used to be a much older civilisation sitting alongside an entirely new one.


Take a look below for the various activities and events that lure travellers towards this beautiful place:


The Tekka Market

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Located in the heart of Little India is a multipurpose complex comprising of a wet market, food centre and shops. This is known amongst locals as the Tekka Center and falls to the northern corner of Bukit Timah Road and Serangoon Road. This is one of those locations you will enjoy visiting if you are a lover of cultural diversity and beauty. The predominant language here is Tamil, but you can get by pretty well if you are a good English speaker.


The Mustafa Shopping Mall

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A twenty-four-hours shopping mall located on the Syed Alwi Road in Little India, the Mustafa Shopping Mall is known for its excellent stock, wide variety and highly rated customer support. There are a variety of things to choose from and surf, be it shoes, grocery, jewellery, food items or something else. The owner of this shopping mall actually started out as a seller of ready-made cloth, and eventually grew up to build this huge shopping complex.


Hand Drawn Henna & Eyebrow Threading 

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If you are interested in blending in with the local culture, that is to say, if you are a culture enthusiast, there are a number of activities you can engage in to fully blend in with the Indian culture. Henna is a removable, non-permanent colour used to decorate one’s hands in different patterns and designs.  The many roadside shops you will find in Little India will offer to decorate your palms with ethnic, hand drawn Henna at affordable rates. If you want to see what it truly feels like to be a South Indian woman, this is for you.

Another popular service you will find advertised at the many cosmetic shops in Little India is eyebrow threading. For a nominal fee, the beauticians there will thread your eyebrows to make them look more organised and sleek. 


The Sri Srinivasa Perumal

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Temple One of the oldest and most sacred temples of Singapore, the Sri Perumal Temple is located on Serangoon Road, with its Gopuram (tower) held high upon the blue skies. The Gopuram itself is a 20-meter tall structure with beautiful architectural designs. It is also a declared national monument, so beware of vandalism as it can cost a lot.

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