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Ang Ku Kueh, which literally translates to Red Tortoise Cake, is a sweet Asian pastry that is shaped like a tortoise shell. The pastry is often eaten at celebrations and signifies longevity and good fortune.


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Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and Friends™ are a series of characters inspired by the love of all things kueh, they put a charming twist on Asian heritage and is a local icon that Singaporeans find easy to bond with. True to her namesake, Ang Ku Kueh Girl® showers you with blessings for good luck and happiness.  


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The characters were created on the foundation of Asian culture and heritage, infused with a global outlook and perspective. Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends hopes to spread the beauty of Asian heritage and culture through their unique product designs. And may we say we love how adorable Ang Ku Kueh Girl is.


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If you’re looking for meaningful souvenirs that are uniquely Singapore, let Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and Friends™ help you in spreading your thoughtful gift of love and happiness to loved ones! From printed cotton totes to kueh-shaped bags, brooches and other accessories, every product is thoughtfully designed and made with love. Here are a few of our favourites:


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Kueh Tu Tu Sling Bag - s$41.90


Unique, bold and absolutely adorable. Make a daring fashion statement with the Kueh Tu Tu Sling Bag, we bet you'd never bump into someone else carrying the same Kueh back at home. 


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Happiness Day and Night Earrings - S$25.90


Let these earrings take you through day and night with happiness and joy. They come in a lovely gift box with a black velvety cushion, perfect for gifting.


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Ang Ku Kueh Girl & Friends Shophouse Series Mini Tote - S$41.00


The beauty and heritage of traditional Singapore shophouses captured in a beautiful tote bag. Fully lined and with an inner pocket, this chic carrier is ideal for all your daily essentials and also as a gift for good luck and happiness. 

Shop Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and Friends™ on 2rist App and enjoy a hassle-free experience with complimentary delivery services.

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