Ben Thanh Market and Central Park
Must Go (必逛) - English

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Located at in Ho Chi Minh City District 1, the Bến Thành Market is a must visit for those of you looking to buy local handicrafts, branded goods, local Vietnamese art for keepsakes. This huge attraction will give you a super authentic Vietnamese experience! It is best visited during a cooler time of the day.



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Hungry? You’ll find plenty of mouthwatering local cuisines from stalls in the market which will take you on a hawker style adventure and if you were thirsty from haggling for bargains, a cool drink will quench your thirst! If you are there until the evening, hang around as the restaurants surrounding its perimeter open and you’ll get to enjoy vibrant streets in the night lights, completely filled with the aromas of wok-fried noodles, succulent meat and the sea salt air barbequed fish. Sink your teeth on some crispy rice pancakes and hot steamed cakes as you watch the chefs unleash their art of cooking right before your very eyes!



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Ladies, be prepared to spend your morning at the market. Arrive early to shop for bargains like lacquer ware, bamboo goods, clothes, textiles, watches and even electronic goods! You’ll be able to bargain with the shopkeepers but just take note that some items are strictly fixed price. Shops close at late afternoon when it starts to get hot so be sure to get there early. You know what they say - the early bird catches the best worms.


How to get there

Being one of the most iconic landmarks, this market is centrally located and most taxis will know how to get there. Just be sure to check if it is within walking distance from where you are staying at.


23/9 Central Park aka Cong Vien 23 Thang 9

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After you are done shopping and munching on some of the local delicacies at the Bến Thành ake an afternoon stroll at the park. Being the most central park in Ho Chi Minh City, rub your shoulders with some of the locals and strike up interesting conversations with them. You’ll be surprised to find that they are really friendly and some of them are just there to practice their English with us, tourists!


If you’re a sports buff and can’t live without doing some exercises even when you are on holiday, why not pop by the park in the morning to join in the fun in doing some aerobic classes at the park itself! Look out for funky concerts and creatively thought out shows that you may be able to catch and bask in the wonderful atmosphere in the park!


When you get hungry in the evening, let the aroma of the street hawkers excite your senses with their local delicacies as they smoke up the air with their cooking.

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