Boracay’s Amazing Pleasures
Must Go (必逛) - English

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Home to one of the best beaches in Asia, Boracay is a place you must visit at least once in your entire life! Wake up to the sights of white sandy beaches as you inhale the fresh breeze with a hint of salt in the air, with trees dancing to the rhythm of the wind and bright blue skies filled with cotton candy clouds floating above. Sink your toes into the clean white sand as you gaze far out into the clear waters with varying shades of blue. The sights are simply magnificent and postcard perfect!


Cliff Diving

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Adrenalin seeking folks, you will definitely not want to miss this one. Jump off a cliff at Ariel's point. Made to suit everyone's level, the thrill-seeking experts can take the highest spot and the beginners can jump from the easiest spot! It'll be interesting if you could film your jump with a go pro attached to your head! Just be sure to keep it in your waterproof casing!  You can easily book a day trip for this one. Lunch usually comes with this trip. You’ll be in for a delicious, mouthwatering BBQ meal!


Island Hopping

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What’s an island holiday without doing island hopping? Book a tour which will take you to the Crocodile Island where you’ll find crocodiles swimming. We’re kidding! The island is shaped like a crocodile hence the name. Explore the Magic Island before heading to the Puka beach where you will dine like you’re the richest man on earth as you’ll get the feeling of lunching on your own private heaven.


Local Delicacy

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The suckling pig is a must have when you are in the Philippines and Boracay is a no exception. This dish is similar to the Babi Guling you find in Bali. Sink your teeth into the crispy skin as it melts in your mouth and let the rich flavour of the meat burst and dance on your tastebuds. You will definitely love this awe-amazing delicacy.



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Being on an island is not complete if you do not know where you can enjoy fresh live seafood. On this trip, you will regret it if you do not make your way to D’Talipapa. This is a well-known wet market where you can buy fresh live seafood from the stalls and just head on down to the restaurants located just beside it and have them prepared in the styles you love. Enjoy the local atmosphere as you dine by the roadside and wash it down with cold fresh coconut water!


Sunset on a Sailboat

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As you end the day, wind down on after a fun-filled day of activities; take your loved ones on a Paraw sailboat as you watch the warm and romantic sunset into the horizons of the sea. Embrace the love that Mother Earth brings as she turns the sky into hues of orange before nightfall beckons. This sunset will bring your experience to a whole new level altogether!

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