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Come 28th January 2017, the Chinese community in Singapore will be celebrating the year of The Red Fire Chicken, also known as the year of the Rooster. Yes, that’s right! It is the Chinese New Year Celebration! Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays for our Chinese friends. What’s unique about this holiday is that it does not follow the solar calendar but rather, the lunar calendar.


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Celebrations start on the eve with families getting together to celebrate the occasion over a reunion dinner! This celebration lasts for 15 days.


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If you’re thinking of experiencing the most authentic Chinese traditions, this is the best time to experience Singapore. During this season, you’re in for a celebration of feasting to the best mouth-watering Chinese delicacies available!


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The majority of the Chinese are a superstitious bunch, and I mean that in the most positive manner. Do you want to know why? It’s because of this, that you’ll get to taste the not only delicious Chinese but auspicious delicacies! Be sure to abandon your diet plan for this occasion and head on down to Chinatown to savour it all!


Bak Kwa

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Jiao Zi

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Nian Gao

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Feast on the Bak Kwa, a barbeque pork jerky which will give you lots of luck and ward off negative energies due to its deep red colour. Order a side of Jiao Zi dumplings when you dine in a restaurant as it will bless you with wealth and profit due to its resemblance to dumpling shaped ingots. Satisfy your dessert cravings with the Nian Gao cakes which will bring you to greater heights in the year to come. Wash it down with the juices of the pomelo fruit as it will ensure your prosperous journey in the New Year.


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You’ll also be in for an array of lights, pleasing to the eyes during the Street Light Up at the Chinatown. Walk through the aisles of shops where you find unique Chinese souvenirs to bring home!


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Head on down to the River Hongbao at the Floating Platform at the Marina Bay to indulge further in the Chinese cultural festival! Smear your senses with massive lanterns depicting handcrafted Chinese legends and myths. You’ll see the 12 Chinese Zodiacs lighted up, demonstrations of the Chinese calligraphy, lots of intricate crafts and many other ethnic specialities. You’ll also find a food street here so go on and treat yourself to the exotic Asian tastes! What did I tell you about Singapore being a food haven? Go on and give in to that glutton in you!


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On the opening night and also on the Chinese New Year Eve, be sure to set your eyes on the dazzling firework displays and the cacophony of the sights and sounds during the countdown event, to welcome the year in the brightest and auspicious way!


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So come! Let’s usher in this auspicious Chinese New Year together!

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