Chinese New Year in Taiwan
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As the New Year is super precious to the Taiwanese, a visit to Taiwan is something you will not want to miss. This time of the year is perfect to visit as the holiday period goes on for 4 days! It doesn’t matter if you are there before, during or after, there’s always something for you to enjoy! We’ll spare you from all the crowded places and let you know where you can go to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones!


Great Buddha Statue of Baguashan

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Changhua is where the Great Buddha Statue of Baguashan. Located 74 metres above sea level, you’ll be able to find a 24 meter tall Great Buddha Statue has been sitting there since 1961! Amaze yourself with the massiveness of the space separated into 6 different floors where you will be able to work some sweat by climbing to the very top of the giant statue. Be intrigued by the life-sized statues as you climb the floors to reach the top as they tell the story of Buddha’s path to the supreme. If you’re not into history, this place is still worth the visit as you’ll be at Changhua’s highest point to have an excellent panoramic view of the city. Come during sunset and you’ll get to enjoy the golden rays of the sun as you prepare to set your sights to the lighted water fountains that come to life!



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Being the second ancient city in Taiwan, you’ll be amazed to find a glass built Mazu temple and a wooden Temple which contains an antique Bagua Caisson ceiling in this space! This is where you can roam and collect traditional handicraft shops and feast on yummy street snacks and pastry desserts. Fancy some seafood? Head down to the Wanggong Fishing Port where you’ll get to enjoy some fresh oysters or help yourself to some oyster omelette! Wander along the coastlines and let your children play in the sand as you capture the view of the sunset and lighthouses as the sun sinks into the horizon.


Mt Liushidan Shan

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Fan of scenic mountains? Take this opportunity to visit this beautiful land where you will set your sights on beautiful views of the vast rift valley landscape as you step foot at the top of the mountain on a pavilion called Wanyou. In January, you’ll be able to see the rapeseed flowers looking like a golden carpet on the rift valley. Enjoy the cold winds of the mountain as you take a view of the calm horizon and let all your worries melt away. Warm your bodies in the Antong Hot Springs in this cold winter weather. An experience not to be missed!


Wulai in Taoyuan

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What’s there not to love about waterfalls? The sound of the crashing water is enough to let you feel the serenity of the space. The waterfall is divided into three vertical layers with the middle layer at a height of 50 meters exuberating it magnificence! Take a stroll on the skywalk right above the Xiaowulai Waterfall and for those who are afraid of heights, just don’t look down as it is constructed with transparent tempered glass. Feeling adventurous? Take a hike on the trails along Longfeng Waterfall and continue down the steep stairs till you get as close as zero distance to the Xiaowulai Waterfall!


Travel tip: Make sure you reserve tickets online for the skywalk!

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