Ha Long Bay – A Wonder of Nature
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Being a UNESCO site, Halong Bay is one of the 7 wonders of Mother Nature. You will have to visit this place at least once, in your entire life. Discover the beauty and serenity of this heaven on Earth.


The best time to visit would be in autumn, where the weather has a perfect semblance of cool and sunshine. You won’t have to deal with getting wet during this season.


Floating Villages

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You will find floating villages as one of the most stunning features during your visit. Take a cruise on the clear green waters to experience the uniqueness of this place. The beautiful surrounding that engulfs you is a norm to the locals there. They depend on the tides of the water for daily food sustenance through the marine life and lead such simple lives. Get chatty with some of the friendly fishermen there as you understand their daily lives better and admire the charming villages you don’t usually find living in a city!


Cát Bà

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One of largest islands in Halong colourful underwater life.


Dining in the Cave

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Hungry? Why not pop into a cave for some exquisite dining experience! There are cruises that offer such trips where service crew on board will prepare the meals and have it served in a cave! It’s an excellent way to wind down after a long day of kayaking! Sink your teeth into awesome fresh Halong Bay Seafood and savour the sweetness from the sea in your mouth. Your taste buds will thank you for it!



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How can it be a trip to an island if you don’t do any swimming? Blessed with clear and calm sea water, this is the perfect place for you to get wet! Take a dip in the emerald green waters of the bay and let your stress, fears and anxiety from all the city life melt away! Some of the amazing beaches for you to visit include Ti Top Beach, Bãi Cháy Beach and Quan Lan Beach!


So there you go! Be sure to make a trip here someday and make sure you enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

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