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Fancy a cup of coffee and a good read? No, wait, a lot of good reads? Take yourself to Nguyễn Văn Bình as it is filled with plenty of bookstores carrying books, from new to old second-hand books. Bookworms, this is your paradise. You'll be able to find tall towering bookshelves along the corners of the streets and be amazed at how it can stand. This is your oasis of calm.


Saigon Central Post Office

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This street is the opposite of the Notre Dame Cathedral and you'll find the Saigon Post Office right around the corner. There are about 20 bookshops which you can take the time at, to delve on finding awesome reads for yourself.


Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

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Feeling hungry? Take yourself to a café along this street and enjoy a scrumptious meal and top it off with a good coffee and a book in hand.


Once you’ve had your fair share Shakespeare for the day, take a walk across the street and visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Built by French Colonists between 1863 and 1880, this is an architectural marvel you cannot miss. Its material, imported from French, is a must see when you're there. Church services still take place until this day and you will not want to miss attending one to enjoy the liveliness of its service! Service takes place on Sundays at 9.30am. If you are lucky that day, you will find wedded couples capturing their memories on film with wedding photographers in sight.


Here’s a trivia for you; back in 2005, it was reported by eyewitnesses that the statue of the Virgin Mary just outside the cathedral, shed actual tears. Whether or not this really happened, we leave you to your creative imagination!


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A trip anywhere is not complete without any shopping done. You’ll find Diamond Plaza right round the corner. A beautifully renovated department store with a charming colonial outlook, you will experience world class shopping! You’ll find cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewellery and even electronics! Stroll in an air conditioned mall or perhaps take your family for a bowling game! The Superbowl will dazzle your eyes with the colourful lights and inject some fun as you roll your ball to the clatter of bowling pins! Catch a movie if you’re feeling for some Hollywood action. Movies will still be in English with Vietnamese subtitles. The best part? Movie tickets only cost USD 4! How’s that for a bargain?


Don’t wait up to visit these places! We’re sure you’re going to love it!

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