Ramadan Festivities in Singapore
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During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims practice prayers, fasting, charity, and religious devotion around the world. You don't have to be a Muslim to celebrate Ramadan, find out for yourself how the religious month is celebrated in Singapore with us!


Share a hearty meal with new and old friends at the Mosques

All Mosques in Singapore provide free food for its visitors during Iftar in the spirit of giving. Iftar is an event observed at Maghrib (Sundown) when Muslims break fast. Timing varies, and one can refer to Singapore Islamic Prayer Times for an accurate update.

Food is usually served on a big plate good for six to share, this encourages sharing and provides an opportunity for strangers and friends to get to know one another. Biryani, porridge, dates, fruits, tea and water are some of the many kinds of food served at the mosques.

Below are some of the photos taken at Masjid Al-Falah by their Islamic Learning & Information Centre.


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Non-Muslims are not obligated to do or follow the Muslims in any of their prayers and are free to just sit around and experience the atmosphere but are required to be appropriately dressed and for ladies, they are encouraged to be fully covered as they are entering a religious site. Jubahs are readily available for ladies at some mosques to change into in the event one might come unprepared. As for the appropriate dress code, a good gauge would be for one to be fully covered from shoulder to ankles. One would also be required to remove their footwear at the entrance of the mosque before entering.


Experience Eid at a Muslim household

SG Muslims for Eid jointly organised by Interfaith Youth Circle and Elegance warmly invite, foreigners, non-Muslims and new converts to the faith to celebrate Eid with Muslims.


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Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. This year, the last day of Ramadan is on July 5th, 2016, Tuesday with Eid starting the following day.

A list of volunteers has kindly offered their homes for guests to celebrate Eid with them, accompanied with good food and friendly people.

For more information about the event click here.

To sign up, click on this link: Sign Up Now!

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