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Are you a foodie?! If you are, Singapore is one of the best places for you to visit to get excellent mouthwatering tasty dishes! Think rich Asian aromatic food with the best spices you can get in this culture infused region of the world! One of Singapore's most unique traits would be its hawker fare culture. Singaporeans love their food! They practically eat round the clock! Ever heard of cheap and good? Well, that exists here. Imagine a plate of noodles for as little as USD 2, (S$ 2.50) which has superb taste! The food’s so good; Michelin has been awarded to 2 Singapore hawker trades in 2016!


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The hawker culture started in the olden days where hawkers roaming around neighbourhoods would ring a bell to call out to the people, letting them know that their favourite ice cream man was around. People would rush to them to queue for their favourite snack. You'll also hear the sounds of the bamboo sticks on a wooden block signalling that their hot steamy noodle soups were around the corner. This then evolved to having roadside hawkers who would set up pushcarts on the streets when night falls. You'll find wooden tables and stools around them, so people could eat.


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Today, the only two places you'll find these roadside hawkers would be Chinatown Smith's Street and Glutton's Bay at the Esplanade. These places, however, are not the cheapest places to get your food but without a doubt, will let you reminisce the good old days when such stalls still existed!


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However, don't fret! This hawker culture still lives today. There are plenty of hawker centres in Singapore where you can get value for money, oh-so-awesome dishes! Now you must be thinking, what do I order, if I'd like to get a taste of Singapore? Get a dose of that Chilli crab that will leave you perspiring for more, we promise.


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Fancy some Chinese twang to your food? Go for the Hainanese chicken rice which comes with an aromatic bowl of rice boiled in chicken stock. Slather some of that dark soy sauce and garlic chilli on that succulent meat.


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Craving for some spice in your food? Try that clay pot fish head curry to get a taste of the Indian Spices! 


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Sambal Stingray is a must have when you visit the hawker centres.


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It would also not be complete if you do not order some satay to be eaten with the peanut gravy that comes along with it!


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Thirsty? The sugar cane juice will sure quench your thirst!


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Have a sip of the "Teh-Halia", a milk tea infused with ginger to soothe your tummy!


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The ice kachang is another Singaporean dessert you must try!


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Here's a list of places you can head to, to try these local specialities! Changi Village Food Centre, known for their Nasi Lemak, Chinatown Complex Food Centre where you'll find the best wonton noodles, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, where you'll get the best Satay, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market for the barbecued chicken wings, Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay where all you gluttons will be filled to the brim, Tekka Centre for the best fish head curry, and Newton Food Centre, for a taste of the Chilli Crab! Look for snaking queues to identify the best stores there!


So what are you waiting for? Come on down to experience this "Hawker Feasting" culture!


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