Taipei And Its Glorious Food!
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Taipei is a food paradise! Braised pork rice, dumplings, beef noodles, night market street food, you name it and they have it. Here are 5 must-try food places when you’re there!


Taiwanese Breakfast

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Start your day right with a gratifying Taiwanese breakfast. For most in Taipei, this is a “to-go” affair. Breakfast will consist of a deep fried dough stick also known as you tiao, a pancake stuffed with egg or beef and an awesome cup of soya bean milk.


Beef Noodles

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Noodles are always known to many as an Asian delicacy. In a place like Taipei, where its people are fond of hot soupy bowls, noodles are no exception but a favourite among them. Jim Wu beef noodles is one of the best places get a taste of this succulent bowl of goodness. With a few branches located around Taipei, it shouldn’t be too hard to locate them. Apart from the main star; Beef Noodles, they also serve amazing side dishes such as the braised white radish seaweed and springy beef tripes! You will definitely love the chewy handmade noodles for this one.


Stinky Tofu

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Living up to its reputation, yes you read us right, the tofu stinks. Think ammonia. An acquired taste is a requirement for this one. Make sure you carry some mints with you if you intend to gobble down this smelly tofu. Made of tofu, crispy on the outside and soft and silky on the inside, stuffed with fermented (sweet and sour) pickled cabbage, this local delicacy can be found at any night market you visit. A recommended one would be the stall at the entrance of Raohe St Night market. Look for a crowd and that’s your stall right there.


Raohe Street Night Market

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While you are there, don’t miss out on trying all the different street food you can find. Look for a bowl of oyster served with rice noodles if you’re in the mood for some comfort food. If you feel like having something out of the ordinary and feeling adventurous, try out the braised delicacies such as the duck’s tongue. Look out for the famous pepper bun stuffed with pork and green onions. This particular one won a CNN award for being one of the top 10 Taiwanese delicacies!


Taiwanese Style Bento

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When in Taiwan, do like the Taiwanese do. Taiwanese love different food in their small portions. You can easily find this anywhere in Taiwan. One of the most popular foods to come along with the bento is the Pai Gu (pork ribs meat). Savour the rich and succulent meat as you devour this local delicacy.


Shaved Ice & QQ Sweet Potato Balls

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Fancy something cold to quench that thirst? Known for their ultimate sweetness, Taiwan’s Ai Wen Mangoes will not disappoint. This fruit is incorporated into a bowl of shaved ice. Head to Ice Monster, one of the more popular places to have this delicacy to give it a shot! QQ Sweet Potato Balls are definitely worth your calories. Sink your teeth into the QQ (chewy) balls and we bet you won’t regret it.


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