Top 5 Foods To Eat In Chiang Mai
Must Eat (必吃) - English

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Chiang Mai, a paradise that's close to the Myanmar border, modern yet it retains its tradition, flawlessly clean, filled with a thousand hidden treasures, covered with urbanity yet surrounded by hills and jungle. The food is this northern part of Thailand, is one of the best we've had! Here are the top 5 food to try in Chiang Mai. With much more influence from Burma and China, the curries are milder and the usage of ginger and turmeric are more succinct. Unlike the normal white steamed rice as a staple, sticky rice is a main which goes very well with the nam prik (chilli dips), unique to the northerners.


Khao Soi (Egg Noodle Curry)

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When in Asia, eat like the Asians do. Savour the yellow curry noodle soup, served with spring onions, pickled cabbage added with a sour twist of slices of lime. Egg noodles are the flat ones and usually comes with a small handful of deep fried portion crushed in the soup and on the noodles itself. This adds some crunch to your meal. Fill your tummy merrily with the choice of chicken, pork or beef. If you are hungry, you’ll definitely go for a second bowl as portions are usually small. Go on; satiate your hunger with this amazing dish!


Lanna Dining Experience

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This experience is something you must try out in Chiangmai! You will get to enjoy northern styled dishes and a basket of sticky rice. Sit on the floor and dig in with one hand. Yes, you heard us right, use your hand! Feast your eyes with the cultural performances such as folk music, fingernail dance and tribal dances as you whet your appetite with the aw-amazing food!


Kanom Keen Nam Ngeow (Rice Vermicelli with Soybean Curry)

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Pork Soybean Curry. Yummy! This dish is served with fresh vegetables, crispy pork skin, chilli padi and local condiments. Served with rice vermicelli, Slurp the light and refreshing gravy as you savour the sweetness of the pork skin and delicious taste of this rich Asian infused dish!


Larb Kua (Pan Fried Spicy Meat Salad)

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Simmered in lots of spices, a choice of meat, beef, fish, pork or chicken is chopped up together with blood chunks and innards and is stir fried along with dried chilli, curry, blood chunks and a handful of herbs and spices. If you are into Bak Kut Teh, this is something you might enjoy! Engulf your senses with the rich flavour of this meaty dish!


Tam Kahnun (Young Jackfruit Salad)

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If you feel guilty from all the deliciously sinful food you’ve had, now is the time to redeem yourself. This healthy salad will erase your sins away. With its refreshingly spicy, nutty and flavourful taste, this salad is made of young green jackfruit boiled until tender, shredded and stir fried with a garlic dried chilli shrimp paste and an array of herbs. Let the rich, sweet, sour, salty and nutty flavours burst in your mouth at the first bite! We bet you will ask for more!

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