5 Romantic Places in the Philippines
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Blessed with both natural and historical wonders, Philippines is a destination to explore when romance comes to mind as it boasts many insanely beautiful islands in its region. We’ve picked 5 best places when we think love!



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El Nido: Luxury Resorts and Private beaches

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Think crystal clear waters and giant rock cliffs! One of the best romantic spots in the Philippines, its nature is preserved and the beaches are extremely gorgeous. Perfect for couples who wants exclusive and luxurious privacy, the private island of Pangulasian is heaven on Earth. Find hidden caves, secluded beaches and jaw-dropping snorkelling spots as you explore El Nido. Visit the lagoons via a traditional Filipino boat and surround your sights with blue water swishing in between giant rocks filled with coloured fish and corals. For you daredevil couples, book a tour to swim with sharks! You can choose to either snorkel or scuba dive. Whatever it is that you choose you’ve got nothing to lose.



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If you're thinking bars, clubs and parties, you're probably right, but this place is more than that. You'll find great restaurants, luxury 5-star hotels, stunning beaches and plenty of water activities to do as well! This destination is the perfect island destination for couples in love! White Beach is where the real actions happen. There are 3 main areas for you to consider. Choose one that best suit your personalities, station 1 where the top hotels are, station 2 is where all the restaurants and malls are and are usually crowded with tourists and station 3 is perfect for laid back couples where you'll find local bars and small guest houses. No matter where you are, don’t forget to head to the beach at sunset!


White Island, Camiguin

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This place is perfect for any of you planning a photo shoot to commemorate a special occasion. This White Island is a magical space on its own. No fixed structures and resorts can be found here. All you have is a long white sand bar where you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel! Mount Hibok-Hibok in the background makes a perfect backdrop for great photos!


Taal Volcano

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Make your way to the magnificent crater lake and set your sights on the amazing view of the scenery!

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