Top 5 Thai Local Delights
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One of the things that you'll love about Thailand is their rich tasting food that will set to tantalise your taste buds! There's definitely more than 5 brilliant tasting dishes in Thailand, but here's our top 5!


Tom Yum Goong (Clear Spicy Broth with Prawns)

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We have to say that this dish has got to be the national pride to the Thais. Tom Yum Goong is a clear soup that has a distinct spicy taste that comes from its unique tom yum paste, chillies, lime and fish sauce. You'll find herbs such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves infused in this amazing tasting soup. Imagine a taste of sweet, sour and spicy, unravelling altogether, in your mouth! This unique dish goes very well with prawns. Sometimes, Tom Yum soup is served with seafood or even fish, with some mushroom. The choice is yours.  This is one of the must-haves in Thailand!


Pad Thai (Thai Style Fried Flat Rice Noodles)

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This authentic Thai dish uses the freshest ingredients, ensuring its delicious taste! The determining factor in the success of this dish is its sauce. You'll be spoilt for choices when it comes to adding the seasoning to your own Pad Thai dish. Perhaps something light if you're in the mood for a cleaner taste, or go heavier on the fish sauce to enjoy a richer taste! Imagine slurping up some long flat rice noodles fried with eggs, scrambled all over the pan, with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts, diced tofu, fresh crunchy bean sprouts and succulent shrimp. We bet you will love this classic dish!


Gaeng Keaw Wan (Green Curry Chicken)

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Yes, the Curry is green in colour! I am very sure you've tasted curry in your life. The traditional brownish red gravy cooked with curry powder, chilli and coconut milk. This main difference between the two is that this one is specifically made with fresh green chilli instead of the red ones! You'll be delighted with the sweet aroma of this dish served in a bowl with some chicken meat in it. Let the sweet and spicy gravy just melt away in your mouth while you eat it hot, with some steamed rice! If you're into noodles, this dish is also served with "Kanom Jeen". I am sure you'll be eating this dish till the last bit of its existence!


Papaya Salad

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Now that you know 3 awesome main dishes for you to order, what about we let you in on an amazing starter to open up that appetite of yours? Papaya salad is a sweet, sour and spicy dish often eaten as a starter dish! It is made up of fresh grated Papaya, hot chilli, lime juice and fish sauce. In some restaurants, you'll also get grated roasted peanuts sprinkled all over it. This dish is set to let you have some crunch in your palette before moving on to your mains!


Mango Sticky Rice

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To end off your meal quests, dig into one of the best desserts you can find in Thailand! This dish is none other than the Mango Sticky Rice! Slices of saccharinely sweet ripe mangoes are placed on a bed of soft and moist sticky rice! Drizzle the warm sweet coconut milk over it and savour all that goodness in your mouth! Once you've tasted this superb dish, we bet you will be asking for more.


So don't wait to try these amazing dishes! Yum!

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