Top 5 Things To Do In Bangkok
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Mention Bangkok and most girls will get excited at the thought of cheap shopping, massages, manicures, pedicures, you name it and they’ll have it, at an extreme fraction of the cost for most of us! Boyfriends and husbands don’t be disappointed as you’ll also be in for a treat! While the ladies do their shopping you can head to a massage parlour to get those tight knots in your achy body straightened out!

We are sure most of you would get the details right when it comes to shopping, so in this post, we’ll tell you all the things you can do in Bangkok apart from shopping


The Grand Palace

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Built in 1782, this place has been home to the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of the government for 150 years. Nonetheless, when you take your trip there, observe the beautiful architecture and excellent craftsmanship of the intricate details from the creative minds of the Thai people. This palace symbolises embodies deep spiritual meaning. Here, you’ll find the Wat Phra Kaew where the Emerald Buddha sits. Interestingly, his clothes get changed with the seasons and this marks a very important ritual in the Buddhist calendar. Although the King does not live here anymore, this place is used for many sacred ceremonies and hence a strict dress code applies. No flip flops, long pants and shirt for men. Women need to be covered up, as bare shoulders, see through clothes and shorts are not allowed.


Chao Praya River

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Want to see a quaint version of Bangkok? The Chao Praya River has managed to retain its old charm as it has avoided much of the modern development. You’ll find Khlong, stilted shacks, and old wooden townhouses in the Thonburi Klongs, situated on the western banks of the Chao Praya River. Watch the smiley faces of the people working scrubbing clothes, feeding fish, and strike up a conversation with them to understand how they lead their lives. You’ll attain a fresh new set of lenses and sense of gratitude as you observe how they are happy with little or no material wealth. A sweet memory you don’t get to experience elsewhere in Bangkok!


Dinner Cruise

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Since you’re in the area, hang on until dinner time as you watch the magical city light up when night falls. Go on a dinner cruise while you wine and dine along the Chao Praya River. Set your sights on shimmering temples and bright skyscrapers! Enjoy a delicious Thai dinner and your cruise on this River of Kings! A simply unforgettable experience!



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AsiatiqueEntertain your senses with the lady boy cabaret performances and tickle yourself silly as you let go and enjoy their performances.



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Start with a map and work your way through the well weathered shop houses and market stalls here. Find yourself some interesting street food in this beaten path! A holiday is not a holiday without some form of adventure. Just be careful with your belongings as you discover this unique space!

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