Top 5 Things To Do In Hue
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Pronounced as “Huay”, Hue is set between north of Dong Ha and Dong Hoi. It is an old imperial capital of Vietnam and you can look forward to exploring the charm and picturesque of this place as its prominence lies on the Perfume River. A mix of old and new blends the place gives you a sense of modernity and nostalgia. Enjoy the tranquil in this conservative city with a nice touch of nightlife. History buffs will enjoy this place immensely as boasts a number of monuments, tombs, pagodas and museums from the time of the vanished Vietnamese feudal empire.


Hue Citadel

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Located in the north of the Perfume River, four citadels can be found at this complex. The Capital City (Hoang Thanh), The Forbidden Purple City (Tu Cam Thanh), The Inner City (Dai Noi) and the exclusive ancient architecture. You can spend a whole day exploring this space while you observe the intricacy of the details of its buildings.



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If your love for music is widespread enough, you may have heard of songs of the Thien Mu Pagoda. This pagoda is a must visit for its detailed architectural work and its picturesque nature. The pagoda sits on Ha Khe Hill and has become an iconic symbol of the city. Immerse your senses with the tranquil that surrounds this space as you explore the 7 storeys high pagoda at your own pace.


The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

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This is the old border that divided North and South Vietnam until the war ended in 1975. To get here, get a great guide or you will miss all the insights and history that this place has to offer. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost here and it remains as one of the most intensively bombed territories on earth.



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Living up to its rich historical roots, Hue is not short of museums for you to visit. The Ho Chi Minh Museum collection here is similar to many others throughout the country. The Royal Antiquities Museum prides itself as a World Heritage destination. You’ll find a collection of porcelain, costumes and objects spanning the 143 years of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Royal Fine Arts Museum located near the citadel is an impressive building that was commissioned by the second last king in the early twentieth century!

Alba Hot Springs Resort

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Had enough of walking and sightseeing for the day? Spend a day or two Alba Hot Springs Resort where you’ll find mineral hot springs sprawling over 50 hectares of green natural gardens and forests filled with lushness! It is located at the foot of the Truong Son Mountains and is a short escape north of the city of Hue. This dip will awaken your senses in your body as you nourish and gain all the energy you've used from all the walking. Feel fresh and rejuvenated before you take that flight back home!

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