Top 5 Vietnamese Local Delights
Must Eat (必吃) - English

You've probably heard that the Vietnamese are known for their "Pho" dishes, but hang on, that's not all that they have. In this post, we’ll be sharing with you top 5 dishes you can gush about when you get there!


Pho (Meat Broth)

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True to its massive popularity as an amazing Vietnamese dish, this soup dish, which is pronounced as "Fur" is available for you to indulge in from breakfast, to anytime along the streets! It is easily available everywhere in Vietnam! Pho comes with Beef, (Pho Bo) or Chicken, (Pho Ga) and is served as a broth with flat rice noodles and deep tasting aromatic herbs. You'll also get to garnish red chillies, squeeze some lime and add some bean sprouts, basil and cilantro to get a kick out of this nasty dish!


Goi Cuon/ Nem Ran (Fried Spring Roll or Summer Roll)

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Summer rolls are an awesome snack to munch on especially with the right dip! They are a healthy bunch as they are wrapped in a thin rice paper. The filling includes vermicelli, fresh herbs and a meat of choice namely prawns, chicken or beef bits! A traditional favourite dip would be the peanut sauce also known as "Nuoc Leo). Health conscious folks will be happy to know that these are amazing healthy snacks to have! You can even choose to go vegetarian (without the meat)! The fried spring roll is another popular  snack for you to look out for! They're deep fried and contain meat and vegetable rolled in rice paper! But hey! You're on a holiday and you're allowed to binge on this crispy one!


Banh Mi (Baguettes)

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Fancy having a French meal? Grab yourself a Banh Mi, a staple food that can be found everywhere! These baguettes can be filled with anything you desire. Succulent meat such as pork liver, boiled pork sausages, carrot, slices of cucumber will set to fill your tummy to the fullest. Enjoy the rich mayonnaise taste and spice from the chilli sauce that will ooze out of the baguette once you sink your teeth in this sandwich! You won't regret having this one!


Cao Lau (Pork on thick noodles)

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Think juicy pork slabs that are infused with an array of herbs broth. That's what you get when you indulge in this superb dish! These thick wheat noodles served in a rich broth will set to whet your appetite further. The sweetness from the pork meat will get you on a high and you'll definitely be asking for more. Topped with Vietnamese greens, bean sprouts and peanuts this dish will sure make it to your list of favourite Vietnamese food! Don't forget to ask for a side of prawn crackers to add some crunch to this superb meal!


Cha Phe Trung (Egg Coffee)

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Coffee lovers will love Vietnamese coffee! Infused with deep French influences from the past, the coffee you find in Vietnam tastes amazing and often gets you extra lashings of condensed milk! Look for the Egg Coffee which is an authentic local speciality. Whipped egg served over hot coffee! You can't find this anywhere else in the world!


Come and visit Vietnam now and get an amazing culinary experience here!

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