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Visiting Thailand for a holiday soon? Chances are if you are headed to a touristy location, you'll have no problem communicating in English. However, some it wouldn't hurt to learn some useful phrases. Plus, the Thais would appreciate you attempting to speak their language. Who knows it might even land you some great deals when you go shopping!

One of the most important things to know is that the Thai language changes depending on whether the speaker is a man or a woman. Pronunciations change according to the gender of the speaker. The end word "Khrupp" is used by the male speakers, while "Kaa" is used by the female speakers.




One of the most common greetings that you'll hear is "Sawatdee(Krupp/Kaa)" which meals hello! "Sabai dee ru (Krupp/Kaa)"means How are you? To answer that question, you say "Sabai dee (Krupp/Kaa)" which means fine and "Khop Khun (Krupp/Kaa)" which means thank you.


Accepting or Rejecting


"Chai" simply means yes, and "Mai Chai" simply means no. "Dai" means I/You can, and "Mai Dai" means cannot. To be easy going, you can also say "Mai Pen Rai" which means never mind as an all-purpose phrase.


Negotiating with shopkeepers


To first let them know you cannot speak Thai, you can say "Pood Thai Mai Dai" which means, I cannot speak Thai. To ask if they understood you, "Kow Jai Mai" which means do you understand? To ask how much the item costs, "Nee Tao Rai?" which means how much? "Pang Mak" means very expensive and "Lot noi dai mai" means can you give a little discount? If the shopkeeper responds by saying "took", which means cheap, he's probably trying to tell you that it is already cheap and he cannot go any lower. If you don't want the item, you can say "Mai Aow (kruup/kaa)" and smile while you say it as it will dissuade the seller to go any further.


Other useful words


Some of the other useful words you may want to pick up include "Naam" which means water, "Chok Dee" which means good luck. When you jump into a cab and want to head to the airport you can say "Sanaam Bin" which means airport. If you need to use the restrooms you may look for "hong naam" which means, toilet. If you're chilling at a bar and you need to order a beer, you can impress them by saying "bia" which means beer, and if you need more ice you can say "naam keng".

Hopefully, the phrases here will help you by during next trip to Thailand! Khop Khun Kaa dear readers!

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