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Wonderful Indonesia! Tip top customer service, warm people, rich culture and breathtaking sights are some of the many beautiful things about this country that you'll come to love.

Indonesia is also home to the most authentic and flavourful dishes in the world. You'll find an array of spices being used in their cooking! In this post, we'll be sharing some of the best dishes that you must try when you visit!


Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

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Have you heard of the term fried rice? Yes, that is the literal translation of the dish. Served dry, nasi goreng is infused with lots of Indonesian spices that set your tongue burning, but don't worry; it's nothing that a cold glass of water can't fix! Served with some "Petai" and a sunny side up, you'll sure be asking for more after your first plate.


Bakso (Meatballs)

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Fancy some meatballs? You'll find them in Indonesia too! These meatballs are typically handmade, although there is some factory made ones too! It involves forming minced meat and tapioca starch into a ball. It gives a chewy effect once it is popped into your mouth. These days, you can even choose what kind of centre filling you would like to have in the meatball which includes tangy cheese etc. These meatballs are served in a hot bowl of soup with some bird's eye chilli if you love everything spicy. My suggestion? Use it sparingly. This dish is also served with some noodles. You can choose from yellow egg noodles or rice vermicelli. We’re sure you won't leave a single drop of soup left in the bowl!


Ayam Bakar Taliwang (Grilled Chicken)

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Originating from Lombok, this is a grilled chicken dish that has been cooked to perfection. When you look at the menu and you see half a chicken stated in the portion, feel free to order one for yourself as it is truly enough only for 1 person. If you're really hungry this might not even be enough! Only kampong chicken is being used for this dish hence its size. Don't be fooled by the size of the chicken as you'll find juicy bits of the chicken as you sink your teeth into the meat. This is a spicy grilled chicken dish which will truly change your chicken tasting experience!


Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)

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Hailing from Java, Sate Ayam is something you have to try! It is made up of chunks of chicken meat out together on a stick and served with excellent peanut gravy which will leave you speechless. The meat is marinated with a special sweet Indonesian sauce before it is skewered and grilled to tender perfection.


Martabak Manis (Sweet Pancake)

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A Jakarta special, this is something you'll be able to find even on the streets. This is one of the sweetest pancakes you'll possibly find on Earth! It's smothered in butter, condensed milk, sugar, chocolate bits and cheese. My advice, share this dish with a group of friends so you don't get too high from the sugar spike! Great as a dessert to satisfy that sweet craving you may be having after your meals!

So what are you waiting for? Time to expand your culinary experience in this awesome country!

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