Welcome and thank you for using 2rist App. By entering and using the 2rist App Mobile Application, users are deemed to have read and understood, and agreed to comply with and be bound by all terms and conditions set out herein. We are committed to making your shopping experience fuss-free and enjoyable. Kindly read through the following terms and conditions prior to making purchases.



1. 2rist App is managed and operated by Tapp Pte Ltd (Company Registration No. 201511606H, Travel Agents Act License No. 02847), a company registered in Singapore. Any reference herein to “2rist App” shall include a reference to Tapp Pte Ltd, where the context so permits.



1.You must be at least 18 years of age to make purchases on 2rist App. Any user below the stated age requirement must only make purchases with the involvement and consent of a parent or guardian.

2. All users shall be of legal age to purchase any liquor and tobacco products through 2rist App or related E-commerce site. Tapp Pte Ltd shall not be responsible for any fraudulent purchase which is beyond its control.



2rist App requires all users to create an account with their true and legitimate identities and accurate personal information. It is the user’s responsibility to update 2rist App of any changes. 2rist App owes no duty and shall not be responsible if any user becomes uncontactable for order and delivery related matters, or any user fails to complete delivery, or for any consequences that arise from any user’s negligence.



1. Loyalty Points Accumulation

  • The 2rist App Loyalty Program is available only to members of 2rist App, who are eligible to accumulate LoyaltyPoints in the Program.
  • Loyalty Points are awarded based on amounts of purchases made on 2rist App, excluding additional charges in the form of delivery, administrative, tariff or tax charges. 2rist App reserves the right to include additional avenues for accumulation of Loyalty Points, or delete any or all of the existing avenues in use, or to exclude particular forms of transactions from the accumulation of Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points will be issued for the nett purchase amount.
  • Loyalty Points will not be awarded for purchase refunds, cancellations and returns.
  • Loyalty points will be awarded relative to the transaction amount and respective membership levels in accordance to the
    Table 1.1:


    Amount Spent

    Points Awarded (Silver Members)

    Points Awarded (Gold Members)



    50 points for every SGD$1

    75 points for every SGD$1



    50 points for every RP10,000

    75 points for every RP10,000



    50 points for every THB25

    75 points for every THB25



    50 points for every PHP35

    75 points for every PHP35



    50 points for every VND₫16,000

    75 points for every VND₫16,000

    Table 1.1

  • 2rist App reserves the right to issue bonus points and promotional offers available to selected members at any time at its sole discretion.
  • 2rist App will not be held liable in any event that Loyalty Points are incorrectly credited to members. Members shall bear the responsibility to ensure that Loyalty Points are properly credited to them. Where a member notifies that Loyalty Points have been earned but not credited, 2rist App will perform the required verification, through proof of purchases from the member, including but not limited to copies of receipts or similar documentation evidencing any transaction claimed to have been completed.


2. Loyalty Points Expiry

  • Loyalty Points accumulated in a member's account shall be valid and remain in the account until they are redeemed or expired, whichever occurs first.
  • Loyalty Points earned in one calendar year will remain valid until 31st December of the next calendar year. Expiring points in each calendar year must be redeemed for an award by 31st December of the same calendar year after which expiring points that are not redeemed shall be deemed no longer valid and removed from accounts.


3. Loyalty Points Redemption

  • Loyalty Points valid for use only in 2rist App mobile application.
  • Loyalty Points Redemption is the exchange of Loyalty Points in a member's account for a specified award in 2rist App.
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed relative to the transaction amount and respective membership levels in accordance to the
    Table 1.2:


    Points to Currency Ratio

    Minimum Points Per Redemption


    2,500 points : SG$1

    12,500 points (SG$5)


    2,500 points : RP10, 000

    12,500 points (RP50,000)


    2,500 points: THB25

    12,500 points (THB125)


    2,500 points: PHP35

    12,500 points (PHP175)


    2,500 points: VND16,000

    12,500 points (VND80,000)

    Table 1.2

  • Loyalty Points cannot be pooled or consolidated from two or more different accounts for redemptions.
  • Merchants and suppliers may be included or excluded from 2rist App at any time with or without notice. Members will still retain any Loyalty Points remaining in the Member's Account that were earned through any excluded supplier.
  • 2rist App reserves the rights to modify or adjust the amount of Loyalty Points required to redeem any award at any time.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Tapp Pte Ltd is final and binding.




1. 2rist App shall not be responsible for payments made by illegitimate or stolen payment cards (credit cards), e-gift cards or vouchers.

2. 2rist App reserves the right to cancel orders, or reconcile incomplete payments where errors occur in the details, description or prices of items listed in

3. 2rist App shall not be responsible for any exchange rate differences beyond our control incurred by the users through their credit card or PayPal transactions.




1. 2rist App is not the manufacturer or provider of the goods and services sold on the website. However, we do our best to ensure that the products and services offered on 2rist App match the description on our mobile app.


2. Actual product or item delivered may differ from the relevant product image or illustrations listed in 2rist App, we encourage all users to read all information on the product information tab carefully before purchase.


3. Expiry of service vouchers - The Voucher expires on the date specified on the order confirmation e-mail. Please ensure you redeem your vouchers during the validity period.


4. Combining discounts: This is at the discretion of our partners to determine if the vouchers can be used in conjunction with (and not limited to) other in-house promotions, vouchers or coupons.


5. Lost or Stolen vouchers: We are not responsible for lost/stolen vouchers.


6. 2rist App reserves the right to remove any products, items or services, or amend details relating to materials and other information, at any point in time. Where any products or items are out of stock or any orders cannot be fulfilled, 2rist App will cancel the order and make full refund of payment to user.


7. To ensure a smooth reservation process, merchants may attempt to contact users via phone call, SMS or e-mail for confirmation of date and time.



1. All prices listed are inclusive of sales taxes (in accordance with the applicable laws) in the currency stated with the item.


2. All goods and services are priced in the local currency of the city.




1. 2rist App does not accept cancellation and changes to orders as most orders are processed within the hour they are made.


2. Wrong information: If the user made an error in his/her order, he/she is responsible for contacting 2rist App immediately. In such cases, 2rist App will assist to contact the merchants or logistics partners to correct the error, this is however, subjected to the status of the order. Users may contact 2rist App via support@2ristapp.com or +65 65051967 (Business Hours, Singapore Time: 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays).




1. 2rist App relies on merchants and logistics partners to fulfil order deliveries between 24 to 72 hours after order confirmation (subject to each merchant’s delivery schedule indicated on the products information) or within the delivery time indicated in the order confirmation. 2rist App will notify the user in the event that the estimated or requested delivery date and time cannot be met. 2rist App will not be liable to any user for any losses, liabilities, charges, damages, expenses or costs that may arise due to the late delivery of orders.


2. 2rist App reserves the right to charge a user a fee for any re-delivery attempts due to user’s unavailability or refusal to accept any order delivered.


3. To safeguard the safety of all hotel guests, deliveries made to hotels will be placed at the concierge. Users are responsible for collecting their parcels from the concierge desks.


4. In the event the user is not able to receive the items or did not receive the items within the delivery period indicated, the user shall be responsible to contact 2ristapp support team at support@2ristapp.com. 2ristapp will then inform the merchant that is supplying the products and/or services to contact the user accordingly for re-delivery.


5. In the event that 2rist App does not hear from you within 7 days from the order date, you shall be deemed to have received the Product.



Redemption of 2rist App vouchers, discount codes and gift cards is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only valid for use in 2rist App.
  2. Valid for redemption only before the stipulated expiry date.
  3. Not valid for use in conjunction with other promotional offers and vouchers.
  4. Vouchers, Discount Codes & Gift Cards shall not be re-sold or exchanged for cash.
  5. The full value of a voucher, discount code or gift card must be redeemed in a single purchase, and there shall be no change or refund of any excess amounts.
  6. 2rist App reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of vouchers, discount codes & gift cards without prior notice.




Products, items and services purchased on 2rist App are cannot be exchanged or returned.



Users may contact 2rist App via support@2ristapp.com or +65 65051967 (Business Hours, Singapore Time: 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays) within 2 days of receipt where orders are incorrect, incomplete or damaged.



Products, items and services purchased on 2rist App are non-refundable.



Any breach of laws, including the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act (Chapter 50A), will be reported to the relevant authorities for follow-up actions. Users must not misuse, or attempt to misuse 2rist App. Users shall not conduct or carry out any malicious acts, including but not limited to spreading of computer viruses, offensive or abusive communications, hacking, corruption of data or sending of unsolicited promotional content. 2rist App may terminate or suspend the use by any user of 2rist App immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation the breach of the terms and conditions herein.




2rist App relies on its merchants to provide accurate content and information to be displayed on the 2rist App mobile application and website. While every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information on 2rist App and the website, 2rist App will not be held responsible and liable for any damages and costs resulting from any inaccurate or incorrect information. 2rist App has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party websites or services. 2rist App shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such website or services.

Without prejudice to any other provision herein, in the event that 2rist App is found by a competent court to be liable for any loss or damage that is directly caused by the use of its sites or services, its liabilities will in no event exceed in aggregate Singapore Dollars One Hundred (SGD100.00).


1. Indemnity

By using 2rist App, each user undertakes that he will indemnify each of 2rist App and its directors, officers, employees, partners, agencies and affiliates against all third party claims, proceedings, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses resulting from or attributable to the use of the 2rist App mobile application and/or website.


2. Complaints Management

2rist App will perform service recovery for users and customers with reasonable ability and care.


3. Intellectual Property

All copyright, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, in and on 2rist App mobile application and website belong to 2rist App, Tapp Pte Ltd and/or third parties (which may include merchants and users). 2rist App and Tapp Pte Ltd reserve all of their rights in the 2rist App mobile application and website. Nothing herein grants any user a right or licence to use any trade mark, design right, copyright or other intellectual property right owned or controlled by 2rist App or Tapp Pte Ltd or any other third party except as expressly provided herein.


4. Force Majeure

2rist App shall not be liable for any inability or delay in fulfilment of orders, actions or requests due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of 2rist App.


5. Governing Law

These terms and conditions, including all non-contractual obligations that may result from the use of the 2rist App mobile application or website, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.

The terms and conditions herein constitute the entire agreement between 2rist App and users regarding the use of 2rist App, and supersede and replace any prior agreements which the parties may have regarding the use of 2rist App. Nothing herein shall be deemed to create any rights for any third party beneficiary.




By using 2rist App, you acknowledge, agree and consent to the following:


1. Personal Data Protection Policy.

2rist App conducts its business in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and has implemented policies and procedures to protect your personal information.


2. Collection of Personal Information.

2rist App collects personal information when you:

  • Contact us for services and assistance
  • Sign up to receive newsletters and alerts
  • Participate in lucky draws and contests
  • Purchase products and services from our ecommerce sites and mobile apps 


3. Use of Personal Information.

2rist App uses your information to:

  • Send invitations to events and relevant marketing activities with your prior consent
  • Offer rewards and promotions, and announce results of luck draws and contests
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to improve our products and services
  • Process your order and delivery
  • Conduct internal audits to prevent and detect fraud and to ensure security of our systems and your personal information

2rist App will retain your information for as long as there is a business or legal need.


4. Protection of Personal Information.

2rist App is committed to ensuring that your information is secure. We have put in place the necessary physical and network security measures and procedures to safeguard your information.


 5. Access and Correction of Personal Information.

Should you have enquiries relating to your personal information that we have, please email to support@2ristapp.com


2rist App reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or replace the terms and conditions at any time. All amendments will be updated in 2rist App. All users are deemed to have accepted the updated terms and conditions in 2rist App by continuing to use the application.